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Jan 232014

Darth Vader is closely related to the Death Star, but totally unrelated to Homeopathy. A relatedness function is a function that, given two Wikipedia pages, returns their relatedness in a [0, 1] range. Many disambiguation techniques are based on a relatedness function.

But how would you measure a relatedness function? A possible way is, given a set of Wikipedia-pages pairs, to ask humans the relatedness between those pairs of pages, and check the output of the relatedness function against the relatedness found by humans.

Such a dataset is Milne&Witten’s WikipediaSimilarity353 dataset. Unfortunately, since Wikipedia is ever-growing, the dataset became obsolete, pointing to pages that don’t exist anymore. To address this issue, we cleaned it, updated a few references, and added a few pairs of pages.

We created a brand-new WikipediaSimilarity411 dataset anybody can use, which provides 411 Wikipedia-pages pairs. Please also note that the BAT-Framework has been updated and features the test of a relatedness function against this dataset.


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