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In the quest for practical applications of the number of algorithms we developed in the domain of Compressed Data Structures, Data Compression and Natural Language Understanding, the data produced from both Web and Social Media provide the perfect scenario on which we experiment our software tools at the extreme of their spectrum and at a very large-scale.

Examples of applications span from the massive compression of web pages to the development of personalized search engines that properly cluster Web results with the use of our natural language understanding software tools. The technology of our compressed data structures has also been used for the design of efficient algorithms for the retrieval of social media friends (and friends-of-friends). Unsupervised classification of short texts as well as the mining and analysis of social media posts and their trends are just a few other successful test cases resulted from our research.

WISER: A Semantic Search Engine for Experts. The last application (2019) of our technology has concerned with the design and development of a new semantic search engine, named WISER, for the automatic profiling and finding of experts. WISER models a person through a novel profiling technique which represents her expertise with a small, labeled and weighted graph drawn from Wikipedia. Profiles can be explored through a modern GUI, which enables users not only to get a glimpse of the expertise of the author, but also to understand how her research topics evolved during the years. Thes semantic profiles are also used for the efficient and effective retrieval of experts: as opposed to classical search engines, which aim at solving an input query with the retrieval of relevant documents, WISER aims at solving an input query with the retrieval of relevant experts.
WISER is adopted internally by the Technology Transfer Office of the University of Pisa and it currently supports its activities: from the finding of colleagues for joint projects to allow companies and other research organizations to access to the expertise offered by our Faculty.

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