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Current Grants

Past Grants

  • [2019–2021] MIT-UniPI Grant on “Using Graph Compression for Shortest Path Computation in Urban On-Demand Mobility”
  • [2018–2020] Università di Pisa PRA “Emerging Trends in Data Science
  • [2018–2019] Google Educator Award (EMEA) for a series of workshops to introduce secondary school teachers to Computational Thinking
  • [2017–2018] Bloomberg Research Grant on “Entity Salience via Syntactic and Semantic Features
  • [2015–2019] European project “SoBigData
  • [2015–2017] STMicroelectronics Grant on “Machine-Learning techniques and models for Big data to improve quality and yield in STM”
  • [2013–2015] Bando Unico di Ricerca e Sviluppo 2013 della Regione Toscana, progetto “Senta Claus”, con Net7, StudioFlu, SpazioDati
  • [2013–2014] Grant Bassilichi su “Memorizzazione, analisi e visualizzazione di BigData”
  • [2013–2014] Google Research Award on “A novel graph for social-network analysis and search built by entity-annotators, and its applications
  • [2012–2014] Italian MIUR-PRIN Project “ARS-Technomedia: Algoritmica per le Reti Sociali Tecno-mediate
  • [2011–2012] Google Research Award on “On-the-fly annotation of short text fragments with applications
  • [2011–2012] Telecom Italia Working Capital grant on “TagMySearch, a new semantic interface for search”
  • [2009–2012] Italian MIUR-PRIN project on “The Mad Web: Models, Algorithms and Data structures for the Web and other behavioural networks
  • [2009–2012] Italian MIUR-FIRB project on a “Web service and search engine to support a semantic and pluri-lingual access to Italian Culture on the Web”
  • [2006–2012] Yahoo! Research grant on “Data compression and indexing in hierarchical memories”
  • [2006–2009] MIUR project FIRB Internazionalizzazione Italia-Israele on “Pattern matching and discovery algorithms on discrete structures, with applications to bioinformatics”
  • [2007–2009] MIUR project “Algorithms for Massive Information Structures and Data Streams” (MAINSTREAM).
  • [2005–2007] MIUR project “Next generation algorithms for the Internet and the Web — Methodologies, Design and Experimentation” (ALGO-NEXT)
  • [2002–2005] MIUR project “Technologies and services for enhanced contents delivery” (ECD)
  • [2001–2004] MIUR project “High-performance distributed platform”
  • [2002–2004] MIUR project “Algorithms for the Internet and the Web” (ALINWEB)
  • [2003] Subcontract on the EU project “QUESTION-HOW: Algorithms and data structures to implement a subset of the XQuery Language”