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2018 Educator Grant awards in Europe, the Middle East and Africa

by Paolo Ferragina on 2018/05/26
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I’m proud and happy to announce the Google grant award for EMEA that I and Fabrizio Luccio got for our novel learning initiative devoted to STEM teachers of Italian high/middle schools on Computational Thinking. It aims to discuss problem solving, _algorithm design_and, last but not crucial for this learning path, coding because the teachers we wish to involve in this program do not possibly have CS skills. The learning program will consist of 10 lectures and 10 lab activities, starting in October 2018 and ending in April 2019. The lab activities will be variegate and personalized: some teachers will test algorithms presented in class (who do have coding skills), others will dig into some of the lecture topics they consider more appealing, or they will design specific and multi-disciplinary lectures for high-schools students by specializing some of the learned topics. Topics will include: security, search engines, AI, bio-informatics, web and social networks, big data analytics, etc. etc. 

Lectures will be streamed with the Mediateca platform of the University of Pisa. All produced material (in Italian) will be made available to everyone on the home page of the program. In that page, you can also subscribe to the mailing list of the project in order to be immediately informed about its news.

The project will be developed in collaboration with the Municipality of Pisa, the Fondazione ISI (Pisa), and CoderDojo Pisa.

Here you can find the list of other projects supported by Google in this call.